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Pedal cars
Bulldog 2-ship
Navion-2 T-34s-2
Canadian Bushhawks
2 Birddogs-2

The Joint Liaison Formation Committee (JLFC) is one of the signatories of the Formation and Safety Team (FAST) which is an FAA-sanctioned worldwide, educational organization dedicated to teaching safe formation flying in restored, vintage military aircraft and civilian aircraft.

JLFC's mission is to promote and preserve the safe operation, display and enjoyment of a variety of aircraft serving as or honoring the role of liaison and training military aircraft. Through our designated Check Pilots and Instructor Pilots, we develop performance standards, principles and techniques which we disseminate to member pilots in order to promote safe formation flight and the safe operation of our aircraft.

Some of the aircraft we serve:
Trainer - PT-19/26, PT-17 Stearman, BT-13, PC-3, Bulldog
Liaison - L-2/3/4, L-16, L-17 Navion, L-19 Birddog
Observation/Utility - O-2, DHC-2 Beaver, IAR-823

IAR 2-ship
Stearman 3-ship
PC and BT
T-34 flight on ground