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FAST Meetings

Greg Young | Published on 2/11/2023
As a JLFC member, you've heard of FAST but are probably not aware of what, if anything, goes on behind the curtain. JLFC just attended the FAST Board and Check Pilot meetings and there are a lot of folks managing the structure that allows us to fly formation safely. The meeting were held in conjunction with NWOC (National Warbird Operator Conference) being held in Palm Springs. About half the attendees were in person at NWOC and the other half via Zoom. Tom Burlace and Greg Young represented JLFC at the Board meeting and a number of our check pilots were at that meeting. The Board elected Jim Tobul as interim President with a full slate election at the meeting at Oshkosh. There's quite an agenda that Jim is working on and we'll get a progress update at the next Board meeting at Oshkosh.

The Check Pilots are continually striving to improve the quality of training across all the signatories. One example is a reminder to train candidates on airshow operations. The Airshow Operations quiz is now required for new check rides. With a concern for freshly carded being legal to immediately fly at large airshows, the check pilots were discussing adding airshow operations to both their oral and practical evaluations. There is nothing formal right now for JLFC but Leads should be including airshow oriented training in their training mix. Leads and those not working on a new card, you should familiarize yourself with the FAST Airshow Operations document available on our site under Reference / FAST Documents.